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The legal side of your business is extremely important, so you want an attorney in your corner. Richard J. Tomeny Jr. Attorney at Law provides legal attorney services in Baton Rouge, LA. For over 44 years, attorney Tomeny has served small businesses in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, and you can see how he can serve you during a free consultation.

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  • Probate law

  • Your legal matter is in the right hands with attorney Tomeny. Call 225-334-8080 today to discuss your legal matter with him.

    Bringing business experience to the legal process

    Running a business comes with unique challenges, so it's essential to find an attorney who knows how to navigate them. Attorney Tomeny understands the world of business, accounting and finance and knows how financial transactions are structured and handled. This knowledge helps him provide legal attorney services in all of these areas. With attorney Tomeny working by your side, you'll have the counsel you need to manage your business.

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    How can a commercial attorney serve you?

    There are many ways a commercial attorney can assist with your business. Whether you're drafting a new agreement or dealing with a financial matter, having an attorney by your side can be helpful. You can turn to a commercial attorney for:

    In addition to these above practice areas, attorney Tomeny also provides estate planning and probate services. For more information on his legal services, please contact him today.