Fortune 100 clients recognize the value of general counsel. With an intimate knowledge of the business, general counsel offers meaningful advice on day-to-day operations, effectively manages outside legal resources and provides strategic thinking on major business decisions. Many small businesses and start-up clients find the same value in Richard Tomeny's services as outsourced general counsel.

Growing companies often go without the expertise provided by general counsel. Lower transaction volume and budget constraints limit the onboarding of a dedicated legal professional. Traditional law firms offer unsatisfactory alternatives: high-priced partners with the requisite real-world experience or
junior associates without the discernment decades of practicing law brings. In either case, your work is often rotated among attorneys based on work distribution in the firm-not your needs. Deep knowledge of your business is often lacking.

Richard Tomeny offers a better alternative. Without the billing requirements and bloated overhead of traditional firms, he can provide a structured agreement to serve as your general counsel. In fact, for almost six years Richard Tomeny served as general counsel for a bank in the greater New Orleans metropolitan region. Richard understands that an intimate understanding of your business is the cornerstone of providing superior legal service. Flexible pricing enables him to do so at a cost that fits your budget.

If you're looking for the value of general counsel without the capital investment, you'll find your solution with Richard Tomeny.

Navigate the Legal Side of Your Business

Outsource general counsel to an attorney in Baton Rouge, LA

Having an attorney on staff is essential for many businesses, but small businesses may not be able to afford this type of specialized service. Outsourcing your general counsel to a local attorney can give you the legal services you need without the expense. Richard J. Tomeny Jr. Attorney at Law in Baton Rouge, LA provides small business legal counsel services. With an attorney on call for legal services, you can make strategic business decisions with confidence.

Contact attorney Tomeny today if you want to outsource your general counsel.

The benefits of outsourcing legal counsel

Are you considering outsourcing your legal counsel? With small business legal counsel from attorney Tomeny, you:

  • Won't pay by the hour
  • Will have a go-to attorney for legal matters
  • Can address legal issues in a timely manner

Complex legal matters can quickly incur expenses, so having an attorney to outsource all of your legal work can help you save money on your operating costs. Speak to attorney Tomeny today about your business.